Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Weekend Getaway (In the Middle of the Week)

Question: When is the best time to go on a weekend getaway?

Answer: In the middle of the week!

Okay, so I know that's cheating. I don't care. I'm tired of playing by the rules.

Question: Why is the middle of the week the best time for a weekend getaway?

Answer: Oh, there are reasons. Several reasons, actually, including but not limited to:

*Less traffic. It's a proven fact that when fewer people want to get to places, there are fewer cars on the roads. And when there are fewer cars on the roads, there is less traffic to deal with. And, generally speaking, more people go places on the weekend than in the middle of the week.

*Fewer people. Most people work during the week and are off of work on the weekend. That's why things are usually more crowded on the weekend. But, if you can get away in the middle of the week for your weekend getaway, you'll find that there aren't as many people around, because many of them will still be at work.

Two people. No crowds. An excellent getaway!

*Better deals. Since there is higher demand on the weekends, places you might go for your weekend getaway can charge more money and get away with it. If you take your weekend getaway in the middle of the week when there is less demand, you might find that the places you want to getaway to will charge you less money. (For example, a bed and breakfast with five rooms will probably be full and charge full price on the weekend. But, on a Wednesday they might only have one or two of their rooms full, and they might charge less in order to entice more people to come to their establishment.)

*Less crowded. Did I mention that there are fewer people at getaway places during the middle of the week than there are during the weekend? I did? Well, I'm going to say it again, because this is a pretty big point. Why? Because people are really annoying. Not all people, but some of them. And the greater the total number of people that are around, the greater the chances that some of those people will be really annoying. In order to avoid those really annoying people, it's best to go to places where there aren't as many people around. And that's why the middle of the week is the best time for your weekend getaway.

Question: So, why doesn't everyone take their weekend getaway in the middle of the week?

Answer: Because it's not always easy to get away in the middle of the week for your weekend getaway. In order to get away in the middle of the week, you must do two things:

*Get time off from your job. This, of course, is very dependent on your job, and how much vacation time/personal holidays/sick days you have. Or how easy it is for you to sneak away without anyone noticing. (I wish you luck!)

*If you can get someone to watch your kids. Remember when I said that some people are really annoying? Sometimes those annoying people are your own kids. (Your own kids are not annoying all the time, but they are definitely annoying some of the time.) So, if  you want to have a great weekend getaway in the middle of the week, it's best if you can con someone into find someone willing to watch your kids for you.

So, to sum up, unless you really like big crowds and spending full price for things, the best time to get away for a weekend getaway is in the middle of the week.

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