Tuesday, July 31, 2018

We Saw the Wienermobile!

Would you drive 15 miles out of your way to see a vehicle shaped like a hot dog? No? What if you had four kids between the ages of two and ten? Would that change your answer? Of course it would!

I'm not really sure how we knew the Wienermobile would be in town. Someone said something on Facebook or something. (Social media is fantastic when you're looking for important information like the location of the Wienermobile! It's also good for random cat videos.)

I wonder if the Batmobile says "Batmobile" on the front bumper?

When we found out the Wienermobile was coming, we asked the kids, "Do you want to see a vehicle shaped like a hot dog?" They answered, "Why is there a vehicle shaped like a hot dog?" It was a good question, and I had no answer for it. I'm a busy guy, and I don't have time for thoughtful, intelligent questions from my children, so I just asked, "Do you want to go see the hot dog car or not?" Of course they did, even if they didn't understand why.

The Wienermobile!
(I blurred out the random family in front of the Wienermobile to protect the innocent.)

When we arrived at the Wienermobile, we were surprised that there wasn't a line. Didn't everyone from miles around want to come see a vehicle shaped like a hot dog? What was wrong with these people? Oh well, it's their loss. 

As we approached the Wienermobile, we were greeted by the Wienermobile handlers. (The Wienermobilers?) They handed the kids some stickers and little hot dog shaped whistles, and they gave my wife some coupons for hot dogs. (They didn't give me anything. Apparently the Wienermobilers don't think Dads like stickers or coupons.) (They couldn't be more wrong!)

Taking a picture with the Wienermobile is nice, but I would have liked the chance to take it for a spin!

We then posed in front of the Wienermobile and took some pictures. And the more I looked at the Wienermobile, the more I wondered. Is it a car or a truck? Maybe it's an SUV? A station wagon? I'm not really sure how to classify it other than to say it is a vehicle that looks like a hot dog.

And just in case the Wienermobilers weren't sure they were driving a vehicle shaped like a hot dog, they made sure to put a giant hot dog on the dash of the vehicle.

"Are you sure we're driving the Wienermobile?" "Yes, because there is a big wiener on the dash." "Also, the vehicle is shaped like a giant wiener."
And, for added emphasis, the lady Wienermobiler (Wienermobiless?) was wearing socks that had images of hot dogs on them:

"Hey Brenda, make sure you wear your wiener socks today, okay?"
All in all, it was a fun little adventure. The kids got to see a large vehicle shaped like a wiener. We got coupons for discounted hot dogs. And, after we got home, I was able to steal one of these cool stickers from the kids!

"I seen it!"
It was great, but now it's left me wanting to see more vehicles shaped like food. The Broccolimobile? The Oreomobile? The Cabbagemobile? (Question: Would the Pizzamobile be shaped like a slice or round like the entire pizza?)

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  1. I don't see how you can handle the wild and wacky non-stop lifestyle you lead Joe. I think it would kill me! Good on ya mate! Ken