Friday, February 10, 2017

The 7 Best Super-Hero Names (According to My 2 Year-Old)

We're trying to teach my two year-old daughter her colors. The other day she had a green bib and I asked her, "What color is it?" Without any hesitation she got her voice as low and gravelly as she could and said, "Hulk!"

Yes, she's already a comic book nerd.

Getting some Hulk hugs.
My kids never really had a chance. From the moment I bought my first three comic books in the summer of 1975 (Marvel Double Feature #11; Iron Man #77; and Fantastic Four #162) I've been hooked. And, I've passed down that love of comic books to my children.

That two year-old daughter is just learning to speak. Because of my influence, she knows the names of many super heroes. But, like many children her age, she sometimes has trouble correctly pronouncing things. Here are my seven favorite super-hero mispronunciations by my daughter:

Honorable Mention: Hulk-Smash (Hulk)--She knows who the Hulk is, but every time she sees him she drops her voice as gruff as she can and says, "Hulk smash!" (Maybe she thinks Smash is his last name?)

Where does Bruce Banner shop? (Because I can't find purple pants in my size anywhere!)
7. Eye-Man (Iron Man)--Long before Robert Downey Jr. made him a household name, Iron Man has been my favorite super-hero. So, I'm always excited when she recognizes Iron Man and almost gets his name right. Unfortunately, sometimes she has a hard time telling the difference between Iron Man and...

6. Pie-Man (Spider-Man)--Yes, sometimes she gets Iron Man and Spider-Man confused. But that's okay, because when she does recognize the web-slinger and calls him "Pie-Man," I get to think, "Mmmm...pie!"

5. Sore (Thor)--When she says "Sore" instead of "Thor," I'm not sure if I should spell it "Sore" or "Soar." What I do know is that she definitely cannot pronounce the name of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, because no one can correctly pronounce Mjolnir, except for maybe a half-dozen Norwegians.

4. Eye-Fish (Iron Fist)--I'm such a comic book fan that two different people got me the same Marvel Comics Trivia Box for Christmas. On the outside of the box is a picture of Iron Fist. Not only does my daughter call him "Eye-Fish," she also follows it up by puckering her lips together to make the "what does a fishy say" sound.

Iron Fish!
3. Sing (Thing)--Right now she replaces the "th" sound with an "s." I hope when she gets older she doesn't switch them in the other direction, because it would be quite awkward to change the words of "Sing, sing a song," to "Thing, thing a thong."

2. But-Man (Bat-Man)--Yes, I could add a letter and spell "But-Man" a slightly different way, but I don't want to.

1. Mare-cuh (Captain America)--No, my youngest daughter has no idea who the 43rd President of the United States was, but she pronounces "America" as if she were a doing a really bad impression of George W. Bush. And, she leaves off the "Captain" every time. (Apparently she doesn't have much use for military ranks.)

God Bless Mare-cuh!

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