Thursday, November 26, 2015

How To Cook a Turkey (by The Girl)

Thanksgiving dinner can get pretty complicated. Do you get a little overwhelmed trying to cook a turkey? Well, my seven year-old daughter is here to help.

As an assignment for her second-grade class, The Girl wrote a story titled: How to Cook a Turkey. I'll share her story with you now (complete with The Girl's second-grade spelling and punctuation.) I hope it helps make your Thanksgiving more enjoyable!

The Girl is the author and the artist!

How to Cook a Turkey:

"First you get a thanksgiving recipie book and look for the recipie of a juicy turkey. Next, get a list and write that you need to go shopping for a good turkey, carrots, stuffing, potatos, spices, and 7 kinds of ice cream that you choose. 

Than put the good turkey in A big roasting pan and set it for 7 degrees. 

After that put the spices on the good turkey and the rest of the food except for the ice cream and serve it for thanksgiving dinner.

Finally, you get the yummy food on a plate and save the delicious ice cream for last.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING and I really mean it!"

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