Wednesday, November 27, 2019

What Are the Kids Thankful For?

It's officially Thanksgiving break, so I'm letting the kids take over the blog for the day. (They thought this was a good idea.)

Roll call:
Thing 1--11 year-old girl
Thing 2--9 year-old boy
Thing 3--4 year-old girl
Thing 4--3 year-old boy

I asked them what they were thankful for, and here's how they answered:

"I'm thankful for science."--I'm not sure if Thing 1 was trying to be a smart aleck, or just trying to be smart. (She is often very good at being both.)

"I'm thankful for outer space."--This was Thing 2 trying to give a "smart" answer like his big sister.

"Prentcils!" exclaimed Thing 3. "Prentcils!" yelled Thing 4 in agreement. I asked what that meant. Thing 3 was talking about lead-filled writing utensils, but Thing 4 was referring to crunchy, salty snacks.


"Fruit!"--Thing 3 loves her some fruit.

"Fast food!"--Thing 2 likes to eat.

"Mac and cheese."--Thing 4. (He likes to eat it, and he likes to wear it.)

"I'm thankful for dogs that can dance."--Sometimes Thing 1 tries a little too hard to be funny. (She's a lot like her Dad in that way.)

"Windows. Blinds. Light switches. Piano benches. Table cloths."--In lieu of creativity, Thing 2 decided to just name things within his line of sight.

"Cats that meow when you meow at them."--Thing 1, trying to be funny again.

"School buses!"--I'm not sure which kid shouted this, because they all like school buses.

"School bus drivers who drive us to school even though half the kids scream at her all the time."--This is odd enough that it requires further questioning. Apparently, half the kids (mostly boys) scream at the bus driver, even though she really doesn't like it. Sometimes the bus driver yells back at them. (I'm thankful for patient bus drivers.)

"I'm thankful for Mommy!"--And with that, Thing 4 speaks for all of us.

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