Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Zit on Picture Day

Some things never change.

Last week we were getting together with The Wife's family to get family pictures taken. This meant The Wife's parents; The Wife's two sisters, their husbands, and their kids; and The Wife and I and are kids were all getting together at the same place at the same time to have a professional photographer take pictures of all of us.

So, of course, I got a zit on my upper lip.

Just imagine how pretty I'd be without the zit!

Just a reminder: I'm not in junior high anymore. I turned 49 years old last week! FORTY-NINE freaking years old!!! I should not still be getting zits, should I?

I was promised as a geeky teenager that, "you'll grow out of this awkward stage." Really? When? When I'm SEVENTY and transitioning into Depends? (I got news for you, Depends will be an awkward stage, too.)

49 year old guys should not have zits on their upper lip. (Or anywhere else on their face, for that matter.) They just shouldn't.

So, I showed up for the photo shoot, and nobody said anything about my zit. The Wife's family either didn't see it, or they ignored it. It's probable that they were too busy trying to make themselves and their kids presentable that they didn't bother to look at my face. (They've seen my face before. I'm sure they feel there's no need to look at it again.)

The photographer didn't notice my zit, either. Or, at least she didn't say anything about it. She may have been too busy herding us all around to see it. Maybe she'll be able to edit it out with all of the fancy new photo-editing apps they have these days. (While she's at it, maybe she can edit me to look a little more Tom Selleck-ish, too.)

All in all, the photo shoot went pretty well, especially when you consider that there were six kids under the age of eight to deal with, and eight adults with fluctuating mood swings, too. In fact, I don't think I've ever been at an event where so many people were getting photographed that at least one kid wasn't throwing a major, non-cooperative, crying fit.

If it was a good photo shoot, it's probably because it was planned that way. The Wife, her sisters, and their mother had been working on setting it up for a few weeks. They put a lot of effort into deciding what everyone should wear for the pictures, including buying some new clothes for most of the kids and some of the adults. Since we were taking the pictures on the 4th of July, it was decided that everyone should wear red and/or white and/or blue.

And, because of all the planning, when we showed up for the shoot everyone looked really good.

Except for my zit.

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