Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Futility: Shoveling Snow While It's Still Snowing

The other day I had to go outside to shovel the snow. Unfortunately, when I started to shovel, it was still snowing. By the time I finished getting all of the snow off of the driveway, the driveway was covered in snow again. So, I shoveled the driveway again. When I finished, it was covered with snow again. So, I shoveled the driveway again. When I finished, it was covered...you get the idea.

I shoveled ALL of the snow! (But then there was MORE snow.)

Is there anything as futile as shoveling snow while it's still snowing? Why yes, yes there is! Here are a few such things:

*Giving a toddler a bath, then feeding them spaghetti.

*Brushing your teeth while eating Oreos.

*Doing the dishes while someone is cooking dinner.

*Setting the cruise control during rush hour traffic.

*Expecting your Mom to call you by the correct name, and not the name of one of your siblings.

*Trying to eat your own dessert--without sharing--when there is a toddler in the room.

*Electing an incumbent and expecting them to "clean things up" in Washington.

*Going through the car wash on a rainy day.

*Expecting the Minnesota Vikings to win the Super Bowl.

*Thinking this is going to be the one episode of House where they get the diagnosis right the very first time.

*Doing the laundry while still wearing clothing.

*Locking the car door when the windows are all down.

*Starting a diet the day before Thanksgiving.

Look, it may seem futile, but a lot of this stuff has to be done, one way or another. Shoveling snow now means less to shovel later. The car needs to be cleaned, whether it's raining or not. The dishes and laundry need to be done at some point, regardless of how much more of them continue to get dirty.

So, it's not all as futile as it seems. (Except that thing about the Vikings winning the Super Bowl. That's the definition of futility!)

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