Friday, April 28, 2017

A Month Full of Days

May is almost here and it's time to celebrate! Celebrate what, you ask? You probably thought May was just for Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and possibly the last day of school. Well, there are a lot of other "holidays" in May. Celebrate as many of them as you want! (And no, I did not make any of these up.)

May 3: National Two Different Colored Shoes Day. This is a day to recognize and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of wearing two different colored shoes.

Nothing says "diversity" quite like two different colored shoes.

May 4: Star Wars Day. May the fourth be with you!

May 5: International Tuba Day. Haven't you always wanted to play the tuba? There's no better time to learn than International Tuba Day!

May 6: International No Diet Day. Eat whatever you want, because there's no counting calories on International No Diet Day.

May 8: No Socks Day. It's pretty simple: if you don't wear any socks you won't have stinky socks.

May 13: National Frog Jumping Day. Who needs the NBA playoffs when you can enjoy the competitive world of frog jumping?

May 15: National Chocolate Chip Day. Seriously, which would you rather have in your cookie, chocolate chips or raisins?

Mmmm...chocolate chips! (And not a raisin in sight.)

May 18: National No Dirty Dishes Day. Think of the millions of gallons of water saved if no one used their dishwashers for a day! (I believe this "holiday" is sponsored by the paper plate industry.)

May 21: National Waitstaff Day. Be sure to give a generous tip to your waiter or waitress. (Even if they forgot to refill your water.)

May 23: Turtle Day. Get out of your shell and enjoy all things turtly and tortoise-ish.

May 25: Geek Pride Day. Not to be confused with Greek Pride Day. (Although if you are Greek and a geek you could celebrate them both.)

May 26: Paper Airplane Day. Fold it and let it fly!

May 28: National Hamburger Day. My question: Is it okay to have a cheeseburger on National Hamburger Day?

May 31: National Speak In Complete Sentences Day. Sure. You bet. Can't wait.

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