Friday, December 30, 2016

Bob Saget Didn't Die In 2016 (Yet)

2016 is almost over, and for some people that's a good thing.

People are calling 2016 the worst year ever. That's mostly for two reasons: 1) the presidential election; and B) the high number of celebrity deaths. The election was a long and arduous event, and I'm so tired of it that I don't want to talk about it again for several years.

But, I will address the celebrity deaths. Did you know that, even with the large number of celebrities who passed away in 2016, there were even more celebrities who didn't die in 2016? It's true! For every Carrie Fisher there was a Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill. For every George Michael there was a Phil Collins and Sting. For every Gene Wilder there was an Eddie Murphy and Chevy Chase.

More celebrities didn't die than did!

The other day my daughter came up to me and asked, "Did Ricky Gervais die?" I thought it an odd question. (I should point out that the only thing my daughter has seen with Ricky Gervais in it is a skit from Sesame Street which features Mr. Gervais singing a "celebrity lullaby" for Elmo about the letter "n.") I answered, "No," then queried, "why do you ask?" She said, "Because I heard someone say that all of the celebrities are dying."

No, not all the celebrities have died. Maybe we should celebrate all of the celebrities who didn't die in 2016!

Bob Saget didn't die in 2016. Neither did John Stamos, Dave Coulier, or either of the Olsen twins. Yes, we lost Abe Vigoda and Ron Glass from the cast of Barney Miller, but all six of the stars of Friends are still with us! Let's celebrate the life of David Schwimmer while we can!

Some say that Season 3 of Full House is the greatest season of television ever!
Sure, The Brady Bunch's Florence Henderson and Everyone Loves Raymond's Doris Roberts left us, but Home Improvement's Patricia Richardson and The Cosby Show's Phylicia Rashad are still here.

Richard Marx, Kenny Loggins, and Pat Benatar are alive and well. Let's not wait for them to die; let's enjoy their music now!

Yes, Fidel Castro is dead, but Jimmy Carter is still alive! Let's cherish him down to his very last peanut!

So yes, instead of concentrating on the celebrities who have passed away in 2016, let's treasure the ones who are still alive.

*Note: There are still two days left in 2016. If any of these celebrities happen to die before 2017, I'm sorry, but it's really not my fault.

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