Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My Wife Is In the 100th Percentile

My wife is in the 100th percentile!

I always knew she was amazing, but now I have confirmation from the people at ESPN.

Check out there at the bottom where it says "AmberMomma" is 100%!

Every year since we've been married, The Wife and I fill out a bracket for "March Madness," the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. It's something I'd been doing every year since high school. She had never done it before.

That first year, she trounced me. And the second year. And the third year. And the fourth year. Eventually I was able to actually win, and I entered this year on a streak of two or three wins in a row. 

When Amber picked Villanova to win it all this year, I condescendingly gave her some early condolences. "You see," I said, smug in my superiority, "although Villanova is a #2 seed, they have a history of losing pretty early in the tournament. I'm afraid you're not going to do very well."

I continued, "I, on the other hand, picked a team that always does well in the tournament. They may not win it all, but you can be pretty certain that Michigan State will advance several rounds into the tournament." 

Yup, I sure knew what I was talking about! Right up until the point where Michigan State lost in the very first round. (Oops.) The Wife did a pretty good job of not gloating too much, even though she had plenty of reason to do so. You see, not only did she pick the winning team, Villanova, she also picked the other team in the finals, North Carolina!

She really can pick 'em!

In the end, Amber finished 36,733rd out of approximately 13,000,000 (that's 13 million) entries on the ESPN Tournament Challenge. That puts her in the 99.7th percentile! I always knew she was better than 99.7% of the people in the world. (And I'd bet she's better than the other 0.3%, too.)

Some have said that since she's on such a hot streak I should take her Vegas and let her try her luck there. She says, "No." She's not a gambler, and she doesn't want to press her luck.

That said, she does have a bit of a history of making perfect picks. She did, after all, choose me!

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