Friday, March 11, 2016

My Son, the Dentist/Construction Worker

When I was five years old I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Heck, when I was 45 years old I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Oh, over time I had a few dreams. I wanted to be a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings. Or a power forward for the Utah Jazz. Or maybe a super-hero, like Iron Man. But, I never had any realistic plans or goals for my life.

I think that's why I find The Boy's super-specific outline for his life so amazing and entertaining.

The Boy (my five year-old son) has some very precise ideas for what he wants to be doing when he grows up. He wants to be a dentist. And a construction worker. Those may not seem like the kind of careers that one person could juggle simultaneously, but he has some pretty exact ideas about how he is going to do it.

In Orem, Utah, the RC Willey department store moved from its longtime location to a newer, fancier spot a mile or so away. So, the old RC Willey building is currently empty. The Boy has plans for it.

It'll look a bit different after The Boy is through with it!

He's got it all figured out. As a construction worker, he is going to take the old RC Willey building and remodel it. He is going to make it fifteen stories tall. Inside this new building he will have his dentist office in the front. Meanwhile, in the back of the building there will be a Toys R Us, a 7-Eleven, and a Taco Bell. Also, his home will be in this same building that he, as a construction worker, will build.

His dentist office will have an elevator, because all dentists should have an elevator in their office.

Every one of the businesses in this building will have a drive-thru window. The Taco Bell will have a drive-thru window. The 7-Eleven will have a drive-thru window. The Toys R Us will have a drive-thru window. And, the dentist office will have a drive-thru window.

While the drive-thru windows at the Taco Bell and 7-Eleven made sense to me, I wasn't sure how a drive-thru would work for the Toys R Us or the dentist office. According to The Boy, the drive-thru at the Toys R Us will be like one at a bank, with the little tube things to send toys to the cars that pull up to it. He says all toys will be either $1.00, 2 cents, or 1 cent. Only smaller toys, like Hot Wheels, will be shot through the tubes at the drive-thru. If you want bigger toys, you'll have to go inside.

And, as for the drive-thru for the dentist office, that will be just for people with loose teeth. Apparently, the dentist will just go to the window and yank out your loose teeth while you sit in the comfort of your own car. Now that's service!

So, I really look forward to the time in twenty years or so when The Boy graduates from dental school. Maybe he'll build a house for me. Or maybe he'll let me live in his 15-story Dentist/Toys R Us/7-Eleven/Taco Bell building.

And maybe, just maybe, by then I'll know what I want to do when I grow up.

Note: After I posted this, The Boy informed me that his building will also feature an underground parking garage. 

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