Friday, June 23, 2017

7 People You Don't Want to be Behind at the Drive-Thru

The fast food drive-thru is a wonderful thing. It is a quick and convenient way to get a good, healthy meal. (Okay, so maybe "healthy" isn't the right word there. Let's go with "edible" instead.)

Unfortunately, sometimes other people also want to use the drive-thru, and these people make the experience a little less quick and convenient. Here are seven people you don't want to get behind at the drive-thru:

1. The Undecided Orderer--These people can't decide what they want. They might consult with everybody in their car. They might take ten minutes to look over the menu. They might ask the drive-thru person for recommendations. They will annoy you.

2. The Line Crowder--When there are two drive-thru lanes, some people have a hard time figuring when to merge. They will try to fit their car into the smallest of openings to get ahead of you if they can.

3. The Not Pull Forwarder--You are pulled up as far as you can, but still two feet away from being able to place your order, even though the car in front of you has a twelve foot cushion in front of him. Just pull a little bit forward, dude!

There's always that one guy....

4. The Surprised Payer--These people get to the first window and seem surprised when someone asks for money. (Apparently they thought the food they just ordered was going to be free.) They have to dig for their wallet or purse and fumble around for their cash or credit card.

5. The Exact Changer--These people have some of their money ready when they get to the window, but not all of it. When they hear the total they feel the need to get the exact change, so they will dig through their coins to find the perfect combination of pennies, nickels, and dimes to finish the transaction.

6. The Re-Orderer--These people get to the window and decide what they ordered wasn't enough. They need more. ("Wait! I forgot to order fries!") And so they order more, making you and everyone else in line wait that much longer.

7. The Order Checker--I can understand checking your bag to make sure you got all your food. (We've all driven away with missing burgers, fries, or nuggets.) But, be quick about it. There is no need to count every pickle before pulling away from the window.

If we all try hard, we can avoid being one of these seven people and enjoy quick, convenient, healthy---um, edible food!

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