Friday, May 5, 2017

If I Could Throw Tantrums At My Kids

My two year-old has taken to throwing tantrums. If she asks for the pink plate, but you give her the purple plate, she will scream. If she asks for the green plate and you give her the green plate, she will scream, because she has changed her mind and now wants the pink plate. If she has the pink plate and you try to give her a cup and/or a bowl that is not pink, she will scream. (Maybe life would be easier if we hadn't gotten those multi-colored packs of dishes from IKEA.)

I had no idea how many tantrums these dishes would cause.

But it's not just the dishes. The other day my wife made some delicious crepes for breakfast, but my daughter thought she said grapes, so she threw a tantrum. When I told her she couldn't wear her "pen-gun" (penguin) pajamas because they were in the wash, she threw a fit.

You get the idea.

While we work on getting her to stop throwing these tantrums, I've wondered what the kids would think if I threw a tantrum every time they did something that bothered me? Maybe I should start stomping my feet, flailing my arms, and screaming until I cry?

This is what my two year-old looks like when throwing tantrums, but with more tears and snot.

Maybe I should throw a tantrum:
*Every time I have to change my shirt because I got some of their barf/snot/drool/pee/poop on it.
*Every time I have to change their diaper less than five minutes after just having changed their diaper.
*Every time they demand a certain kind of food, only to not eat a single bite of that food when I get it on their plate.
*Every time they ask the same question over and over and over and over and over again.
*Every time they ask my wife the exact same question that they've been asking me.
*Every time they wake up early on a day we can all actually sleep it.
*Every time they sleep in on a day that we need to get up early.
*Every time they change their clothes five times a day for no particular reason.
*Every time they go more than three days in a row without changing their underwear.
*Every time they miss the school bus.
*Every time they don't do their chores.
*Every time they demand something without asking "please" or "thank you."
*Every time they scrounge some who-knows-what-that-is thing out of the carpet and try to eat it.
*Every time they throw a tantrum at me.

(To be fair, it's not just tantrums all the time. As I was trying to finish writing this, my two babies climbed up on my lap and giggled for about twenty minutes. As long as I spend enough time reciprocating giggles instead of tantrums, I think I'll be okay.)

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