Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Fiction: A Fairy Tale (by The Girl)

Since Father's Day is this weekend, I'm going to take the day off. Instead, here's some Friday Fiction written by The Girl (my eight year-old daughter.) I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. (I did correct some spelling and punctuation here and there.)

by The Girl

Words and pictures by The Girl

Once upon a time, in a dark kingdom, there lived a cute preschooler. Her name was Ruby and she was very chubby and cute. One day, Ruby found diamonds. She realized that these were not ordinary diamonds. They were magic! 

Because Ruby was so kind and good she decided to use the magic diamonds to make a wish. She wished for a happy day for everyone so they could play. But, before Ruby could make the wish, an evil zombie named Zombigardilla sneaked into Ruby's room and stole the magic diamonds!

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More zombies came and they would not stop going to Ruby's room at all! Ruby knew she had to get the magic diamonds back so she could make the wish! She needed to do that! 

First, she ate healthy food and packed an apple, some crackers, pizza, cake, a shovel, and other stuff. Next, she ate magic corn and flew into Zombigardilla's evil palace. She drank 5 gallons of light so she could fly longer.

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A zombie ran at her! Last, she got Zombigardilla to bump into a shrinker and stole all the royal stuff back and took it to the palace. 

Finally, Ruby could make the wish. She held the diamonds in her hands and said, "Everyone needs a good day." And her wish came true!

As for the zombie family, they all had a good day together.

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I think The Girl writes a pretty good story. I'm glad to be her dad! And, I think we would all do well to remember Ruby's wish, because sometimes "everyone needs a good day!"

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