Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Love...

Back in 1973, country singer Tom T. Hall had a big hit with a song called "I Love." In it, he lists off a wide variety of stuff that he loves, such as "little baby ducks," "old pick-up trucks," "birds of the world," and "squirells," among other things.

So, since it is Valentine's Day, I thought I would steal-- oops, I mean borrow Tom T. Hall's idea and list off some of the things that I love.

I love that part at the end of a root beer float where all the ice cream is gone and all that's left is the melted ice cream/root beer mixture.

I love hearing Buzz say a new word for the first time.

I love when the biggest snow storms of the year happen to come on days that I don't have to be out driving in it.

I love when Roni makes up words to songs that only she knows. (She has about forty-seven different versions of "Yankee Doodle" that she has made up.)

I love macaroni and cheese with tuna fish in it, because it reminds me of my grandma. (The Wife hates the idea of it and the smell of it. I only make it when she is at work.)

I love that my lovely wife Amber puts up with me referring to her as "The Wife" in these columns. (She knows that I only do it for comedic effect.) (Or is it comedic affect?) (Also, I know if I called her "The Wife" in real life it would go over about as good as if I served her macaroni and cheese with tuna fish in it for her birthday dinner.)

I love the feeling of pulling down a rebound after a good box out of the guy from the other team.

I love having family and friends that are always there for me when I need them.

I love that slightly sore feeling after a good workout.

I love the last little sugary crumblings at the end of a box of cereal.

I love when one of my kids stands in front of me with a book in hand, wanting to climb on my lap and have me read to them. (Well, at least the first five times they do this in a day.)

I love "likes" and "comments" to things that I post on Facebook.

I love being at the stadium when someone from the home team has the ball and twenty yards of open field in front of them.

I love that moment at the theater when the slide show ends and the previews start.

I love playing word games with my wife. (Because together we are unstoppable!) (Almost.)

I love the smile on Buzz's face when I give him a banana for breakfast.

I love the smile on Roni's face when we go to story time at the library.

I love those rare instances when I know the correct "question" on Jeopardy before any of the contestants do.

I love setting the cruise control and not having to brake or adjust the cruise until I get to my destination.

I love when my wife hugs me.

I love those last 15 or 20 pages of a book, when everything seems to happen a little faster.

I love looking out my window and being able to see mountains.

I love that I grew up in a small town and can refer to people from places like Pocatello, Idaho or Orem, Utah as "city folk."

I love crisp, crunchy tater tots dipped in fry sauce. (Onion rings, too.)

I love when I can leave work fifteen minutes early.

I love belonging to a church filled with good people and a strong sense of community.

I love when my wife calls me as she is leaving work, and we are still on the phone when she walks through the door.

I love warm chocolate chip cookies.

I love cold chocolate chip cookies.

I love week-old chocolate chip cookies.

I love my beautiful daughter.

I love my handsome son.

I love my wonderful wife.

I love my incredible life.

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